About us

Arab Consult House was founded in 1994 by the founder Mr. Sameer
Abdullah Al-Kattan (may Allah have mercy on his soul) in order
to provide specialized services to the Saudi business sector’s companies
and institutions who are wishing to establish Industrial, Commercial
enterprises and Services projects with further expansions and
developments. As a result ,Arab Consult House active zone has grown
rapidly and expanded and accomplished the service of consulting to
include foreign investor when The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia issued the
Foreign Investment Law in 2000.

To provide the highest levels of quality and transparency in the
provision of all services to our clients by meeting all their needs
and requirements by finishing all the related procedures at the
Government and Private departments on their behalf, And work
in an integrated manner with our clients for the advancement and
the aspirations of their business in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our Mission

Our Vision

To be the most reliable, leading and trusted provider in providing
special services to a high degree of quality and equity for our clients,
Consistent with their aspirations and commensurate with the nature
of their activities and their economic positions in The Kingdom of
Saudi Arabia.

Our Services

Our Clients